2019 is here and that means you may need to upgrade your hairstyle, bro!

So what hairstyles are trending this year? Well, crops, tapers, and pompadours still remain in trend. Still, we have listed 20 haircuts you can try this year.

1. High Fade Pompadour

As we mentioned before, pompadours are still trending. This particular style is popular for men who love that clean-shaven sleek look.

The hairstyle fits a man of any profession and allows you to be have the combination of edgy, fashionable, and business savvy. All at the same time!

2. High Fade, Hard Part with Longer Hair on Top

This is one of the haircuts which work good for straight, wavy, and curly hair. If you want to be able to style this style more freely, you can leave the hair on the top longer.

3. Medium Length Skin Fade

It seems like fades are here to stay this year.

4. The Bald Fade with Medium Length Hair on Top

If you are aiming for a trendy yet edgy style, this haircut is just for you.

5. Fine Hard Part with High Fade

This style is well, unusual. The clean clean-shaven sides of a high fade paired with a defined beard is going to make you look sharp and trendy.

6. Bald Fade Pompadour

Classy and trendy. You can describe this style with those words. The style suits the best the business minded man.

7. The Gentleman's Cut

Gentleman's cut probably will never go out of style. As with the previous hairstyle, this one suits a businessman the best.

8. The Man Bun

Unleash your inner warrior with this hairstyle. Yes, it is unusual and there are a lot of haters of this particular style but if you rock it, go for it.

9. Slicked Back Pompadour and Low Fade

If you go with this hairstyle, keep in mind that you need to be well-groomed. That means no disheveled beard and crappy clothes. Your goal is to look very professional.

10. Faded Mohawk

This will look great on hair of any texture. The clean sides of a high fade should blend into loose textures of mohawk. If you want to have that punk or rock & roll vibe, go with this one.

11. High Skin Fade and Longer Hair

Fades are one of the great hairstyles. You could try this variation especially if you are in a business world. The high skin fade and longer length on top gives you a sharp look. The hair on top can be styled into a pompadour or worn loosely.

12. Low Fade with Longer Hair On Top Blown Dry

This hairstyle gives the impression of a sleeker and more voluminous style. Perfect haircut for any occasion.

13. Skull Fade and Disconnected Beard

Want to go for something which looks both professional and stylish? This haircut looks incredibly good on business savvy person.

14. High Fade with Loose Pompadour

If you want to have a more laid back style, this haircut is just for you. Just make sure to get high fades on the sides to get that classy and clean appearance.

15. Undercut and Balded Fade with Longer Hair on Top

This style is again for well-groomed bearded man. The top needs to be longer and blended into a bald fade.

16. Low Fade, Natural Part with Hair Slicked Back

Nothing gives you more of that business look than natural part. The secret is in the low fade. By styling your hair with a gel or texturing pomade, you can get the appearance of a lad back gentleman.

17. Undercut and Fade with Surgical Part

This is a modern hair style. The combination of a well-groomed undercut and fade makes you look modern and trendy.

18. Hard Part Pompadour with Skin Fade

There are so many variations of pompadour and this one turns it up a notch. The secret is in the smooth separation of the hard part from the clean cut of the skin fade.

19. Raw-Blade Fade and Angled Hair Cut

This style gives you the appearance of a rugged sexy man. The top has to be angled a little either to the left or right side.

20. Textured Mohawk

Mohawk is for a bro who is edgy and adventurous. It's been favored by punks and rockers for a long time. It is definitely for someone who wants to be bold, unique, and stand out from the masses.

For more mohawk hairstyle ideas check this guide.

Last Words

There you have it, bros. The next time you visit your barber, you can try one of these hairstyles. Don't be afraid to experiment with styles after all hair grows back!

Also remember to have nice outfits that go well with your hairstyle. Don't be one of those guys who get nice haircuts but forget about outfit style. For outfit inspiration, you can check this post.

Update: We've also created a collection of hairstyles for black men which you can check here.