To get the best black men haircut, you need to embrace the natural curliness of your hair. There are so many hairstyles which look good and optimized specifically for black men. We've decided to create a guide for black men to help them choose the best hairstyle that suits them.

For the most part you need to create a combination of texture on top and on the sides you can either get a taper fade or line up. By adding a surgical line or hair design, you can create your own unique style.

Coolest Black Men Haircuts To Try in 2019

Perhaps it's time for you change your hair style or you are just looking to get something unique and clean.

No matter what is the case, we've compiled the latest black men hairstyles. There is a ton of haircuts to choose from including afros, flat tops, dreads, frohawks, curls and even cuts for long hair.

1) Burst Fade

The burst fade haircut has established itself as one of the most popular haircuts for men. The burst fade looks great with curly hair which makes sense since it's been historically more common as a hairstyle for black men.

There are a lot of variations of this style. The idea of the burst fade is that it has to be curved along the sides and back of the head. You can combine it with mohawks, curly tops or faux hawks.

2) Mohawk on Black Men

If you combine natural curliness of a black man's hair and mohawk, you will get one of the most unique and unusual hairstyles.

You can also combine mohawk with burst fade, put unique hair designs on the sides, and so on to make your style more original.

3) Mohawk with Braids

Mohawks and dreadlocks look incredibly good on black men. Combine these two and you can look like a warrior. The idea is to have mohawk-faded sides and long hair on top braided into locks.

You can also check this ultimate guide about mohawk hairstyles.

4) Burst Fade Mohawk

As we have mentioned before, burst fade is one of the best hairstyles for black men. The fact that your hair is thicker and curly makes it more flattering style.

To get this style, you need to have faded sides and longer hair on top. Mohawk is a mohawk - it always looks nice and bold, but combining it with burst fade, you get to another level.

5) Line Up Haircut

The line up haircut also called shape up or edge-up, is a simple yet very cool haircut. It is usually paired with a taper fade on the sides. It needs precision from your barber since lines need to be straight.

The idea is that instead of your natural hairline, your barber shave straight lines and sharp angles into your forehead, temples, sideburns, and back.

6) Afro Temple Fade Haircut

The temple fade also known as temp fade is a cool and sexy taper fade cut which is a mix of either shape up or line up. This hairstyle has always been a favorite among black men. There are can be a lot of variations of temp fade.

In a combination with beard this haircut looks incredibly good. You can also add nice hair design to make it more unique.

7) Blow Out Fade Afro

Blow out hairstyle has been around since 90's and gained popularity in 2000's. The blowout is a hairstyle with short sides and long top. The top is usually styled back. The sides can be high, mid or low faded depending on your preference.

8) Faux Hawk Fade Haircut

If you want to get a haircut which is bold and stylish yet not as intense as a tradition mohawk, then faux hawk is a great choise. One of the most eye-catching haircuts you can get. Faux hawk allows you to have that punk vibe.

There are a lot of variations of this hairstyle. As always, you can put some hair designs to make it more original. Also, you can dye the hair on top to create a contrast.

10) Edge Up with Sponge Twist Haircut

This is an edge-up haircut with longer hair on top which are twisted with sponge.

11) Frohawk or Afro Mohawk

Frohawk is basically a mohawk hairstyle for black men who want low-faded sides and a long Afro on top. It looks nice and eye-catching - you will definitely stand oun in a crowd.

12) Dreadlocks Style for Men

Dreadlocks, also called dreads are ropelike strands of hair formed by brading hair. Every culture had at some point dreadlocks. They say the earliest depictions of dreadlocks appeared in ancient Egypt.

Dreadlocks look incredibly good with thick hair which means it is a perfect hairstyle for black men. It is one of those hairstyles which look eye-catching and incredibly masculine.

13) Drop Fade Haircut

The drop fade haircut is another variation of the classic fade. The difference is that in this style the fade drops behind the ear. It is a nice and clean hairstyle for more serious appearance.

14) Cornrows For Men

This is an iconic hairstyle which dates back to ancient Africa. It is a traditional african style of hair grooming. The cornrow styles are widely used in modern times.

The idea of this style is to braid your hair very close to the scalp producing a continuous, raised row. There are many variations of this style, some of them include designing the braids into some shapes.

15) High Top Fade

A high-top or hi-top fade is when the hair on the sides is taper-faded and the hair on top is kept very long. It is one of the most iconic haircuts of hip-hop era.

16) Flat Top Haircut

The flat top hairstyle never gets old. It is another one of classic haircuts for black men. The name itself suggests what this style about: the hair on top is flat usually standing upright. It requires precision from your barber since the hair on top should be cut to form a flat-appearning deck.

17) Curved Flat Top

Credit: @jubei_ma

This is a variation of the flat top but the hair on top is curved to one side.

18) Low Fade Haircut with Surgical Part

This is a faded haircut that gradually fades into bald towards the ear line.

19) Fade with Waves

This hairstyle is very good for curly black hair. The sides should be faded and the top is left rather on shorter side forming waves with your curly hair.

20) Skin Fade with Curly Top

Credit: @cool_cutz

This skin fade hairstyle is somewhat similar to a mohawk. The hair on top is twisted into curls and lines up straight to the nape of the neck. The sides are skin faded creating a perfect contrast with the longer hair on top.

21) Bright Color Dyed Mohawk

Credit: @fade_master

Usually black men prefer not to dye hair but if you want something new, try dying your hair with orange, red, or gold. Those colors look great against dark skin. And dyed mohawk looks especially wild and eye-catching.

22) Burst Fade Mohawk with Design

Credit: @major_hairtrapper

As we have already mentioned before, mohawk combined with burst fade looks just badass. Now add on top hair designs and you get an extraordinary and unique hairstyle.

23) High Top Fade with Design

Credit: @smashthalegend

Modernized style of old classic high top. By adding some design below of your fade you make the retro style more trendy.

24) Curly Afro Fade

Credit: @tahj_cut_it

Black guys with curly hair can create their own unique style with a fade. The idea is to let the hair on top express itself naturally.

Last words

When it comes to hairstyles for black men, there isn't much difference from other haircuts. I have previously created a collection of cool haircuts for men, you can check it for more inspiration.

And keep in mind, you just need to work with the natural curliness of your hair instead of working against it.

Embrace the fact that you have curly thick hair and play with it. There are so many hairstyles which look awesome with curly hair!