After reading this article you will know exactly what kind of tattoo to get to express your undying love.

One of the cutest and most unusual ways to express your love is probably to get matching tattoos. Love is a special experience which can make you feel like you've grown wings. According to Aristotle and other philosophers and psychologists, love is one of the most desired things in people's lives.

It can be a euphoric experience that makes your heart race every time you see your loved one. Getting matching tattoos is a way of a couple to say that they are serious and committed to each other. After all, tattoos are for the rest of your lives! Matching tattoo is a reminder of your love and commitment for one another.

Couple's tattoos can represent only you and your loved one know about. It can represent qualities, symbols or stories which only you as a couple know.

But before you rush in to get matching tattoos, I advice you to consider dos and don'ts of couple's tattoos.

Dos and Don'ts of Couple's Tattoos

First of all, let's just start with don'ts. Obviously what tattoo to get always lies on couples but just be careful when getting a tattoo and follow the common sense.

Perhaps you think getting your significant other's portrait or name tattooed on your body is a great idea but it is really not. Even if you are 100% sure that your love is special and will never die those kinds of tattoos are just a stupid idea.

Let's consider the portrait of your loved one tattooed on you. It is really hard to tattoo someone's face and in most cases they just look weird and creepy.

As for your loved one's name, well, I doubt you have dementia case and will forget the name of the love your life, right?

Now when we know what not to get, let's discuss what can be a great idea. A relationship is all about experiences you had.

What I am getting is if you tattoo something meaningful that only you two could understand can be a great idea. Some symbolism, emblems, animals, quotes that best sum up your love and shared values and interests - those are all great choices.

Some couples nowadays opt for inked-on wedding rings. It is practical and has a meaning.

Other couples might choose some symbols, illustrations or symbols hidden in a secretive part of their body so that only they would know about it.

Subtle and unobtrusive tattoos always look aesthetically appealing. So, if you are not sure what to get and it is also your first tattoo, try to get something minimalistic and subtle. You don't have to go big to show your love.

42+ Tattoo Ideas For Couples

1) "I Love You" Tattoo

This one is simple yet it drives message clearly. It is a sweet declaration of the love that you share with each other. The idea is you both get the same tattoo. You can add a heart or arrows for aesthetics.

Even though this tattoo idea is very simple, it can be very beautiful. As Pablo Picasso used to say, "Art is the elimination of the unnecessary."

Some couples get handwriting of their significant other but if you have bad handwriting just choose good fonts. It is better not to get a tattoo with bad handwriting.

2) "Her King - His Queen" Tattoo

She is your queen and he is your king... This aesthetically pleasing idea can be just for you. There are several variations of this design but the message stays the same. For example, instead of crowns, you can get the king and queen signs from card games.

If you want the tattoos to be more subtle, you can put them on your fingers. Although, you should keep in mind tattoos on your hands and fingers fade faster.

3) Yin and Yang Tattoo

I think everyone is familiar with Yin and Yang concept. If you're not, it basically means there are two opposite forces in the natural world which despite the differences, can be complementary and can help each other to rise.

The concept is originated in Chinese philosophy. Yin is the receptive force whilst Yang is the active. One is a female force, the other - male.

The idea of this tattoo is very simple, you split the Yin-Yang symbol into two separate parts. One of you gets the Yin part, the other gets Yang part.

Symbolism of this tattoo can be understood by anyone: you are two opposite human beings who are whole together. The result is going to be nice and clean. You can't mess this tattoo up.

4) "Ship at Sea and Compass" - Couple's Tattoo

If you are of an adventurous type and like sea, then this tattoo's message will hit close home. There are so many parallels between love and sailing.

The idea of this tattoo is that you always find the way back to each other. You are the ship at sea and your loved one is the compass that guides you through life. It can also mean that you went through a bad time and now found your way together.

As we have mentioned before, whatever tattoo you are getting, just make it special for you as a couple.

5) Doe and Stag

Deers are one of the most beautiful animals. Both female and male specimen look incredibly magestic. They have played a huge role in mythology, religion, poetry, and literature.

How about the meaning of the tattoo? Well, you can make your own meaning. Besides, art doesn't always have to make sense.

6) Matching Bird Tattoo for Couples

Matching tattoos sometimes look godawful and sometimes they look incredible and just make your jaw drop.

In this case it is the latter. I mean, just look how minimalistic they are and despite of that or because of it, they look very good.

Whoever came up with this idea did a good job by making the illusion that the birds are flying together when couples hold hands. It is by itself creates a good message.

When I look at this tattoo, the one thing I think of is that whoever is wearing this tattoo won't regret it later. The tattoo is abstract and because of that there won't be any regrets. Whenever you are getting a tattoo and in doubt, just get an abstract tattoo.

7) Minimalistic Heart Tattoo

In the beginning of this article, I've mentioned you don't have to go big to express your feelings to each other.

Well, this tattoo idea is very minimalistic, simple, and unobtrusive. Sometimes the most beautiful things in life should be expressed in the simplest forms to make sense. Also, what can express love more than a heart?

8) Skull Tattoo For Couples

If you are like Bonnie and Clyde, into skulls, and the whole "life is limited" idea, then you'll love this tattoo idea.

How about the meaning of the tattoo? For almost every culture in the world skulls represent death. They are a reminder of our mortality and limited time.

When you get matching skull tattoos, you, as a couple, want to remind to each other of your own mortality and remember to enjoy the time you spend together.

9) Nut and Squirrel

Credit: @kaylathebibliophile

Squirrels are notorious for loving nuts. If you've watched Ice Age, you might remember dosens of scenes where the squirrel is chasing some nut.

The message is you are as inseparable as squirrel and a nut. Also, this is a little bit of a joke tatto since deeznuts :)

10) Latitude/Longitude Couple's Tattoo

Credit: @tys_wife

Unusual tattoo idea. Just like every house has its address, every point on Earth has latitude and longitude coordinates. You can pinpoint any on earth using these coordinates.

With this tattoo one of you gets latitude, the other gets longitude. And the coordinates are complete only when you combine them.

The coordinates can be any place you deem special for both of you. For example, it can be a place where you met each other or the special place you spend time together.

This tattoo is more on the danger zone since it is very personal. I mean, at least it is not someone's name tattooed on your body, right?

11) Ring Tattoo For Couples

Forget about wedding rings, you lose them every time anyway. Instead, consider getting a ring tattoo. Unlike, rings, they are forever since tattoos are, well, forever.

There are so many variations of a ring tattoo. It is nice, simple, and has easy to understand meaning. A wedding ring indicates that its wearer is married or/and in serious relationship with someone.

The wedding rings have been for such a long time. The earliest of them are from ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece.

I can also suggest slightly different variation of this idea. You can just get one simple straight line as a tattoo on your finger. It looks nice, clean, and modern.

12) Infinity Symbol

So you've decided to express your commitment and eternal love? Well, how about tattoing an infinity symbol which is going to express exactly that.

As often the case, this simple design speaks volumes. You can put them on your fingers as shown on the image or somewhere else.

13) Cosmonaut and Satelite

Credit: @doubledutchtattooing

If you love astronomy and cosmos, you can get something similar to the picture above.

Cosmonauts rely on stations and satelites in the vastness of space to survive. This tattoo can represent the idea that you two are special to each other like specks in the vastness of empty space.

14) "I love you - I hate you" Tattoo

Credit: @doubledutchtattooing

Sometimes when you are in a relationship, you might feel like strangling the living hell of your partner. I'm just joking. But if being serious, they say there is a thin line between love and hate.

If your relationship started on a mutual hateful note or something of that sort, then you might want to get a tattoo like this. It can be an ironic tattoo as well.

The letters in the tattoo are distorted in such a way so that you can read it both as "I love you" and "I hate you."

15) Eyeglasses

Credit: @wichypokes

Yes, really. Those are eyeglasses but hear me out. Let's say you are both geeks and proud of your geekiness. Why don't you get eyeglasses as a tattoo.

This tattoo idea proves one thing, you can get any tattoo as a couple as long as it represents something to you or some special meaning.

16) The Cross

Sometimes a simple cross can express all the love you want to express. Especially if you are both religious.

They say the cross represents the greatest pain and greatest sacrifice for the sake of humanity. It also represents victory over sin and death.

17) "Shot through Heart"

Credit: @lfordetattoo

I don't think there is much to say about this tattoo except for it's very unique, sweet, and cute.

It is becoming extremely popular idea for couples to get matching tattoos which complete the story if put together.

This tattoo shows a girl shooting arrows made of roses. The second part of the tattoo shows a boy with pierced by a rose heart.

18) Lock and Key

One of you is going to have the key, the other will have the lock. It expresses you feelings to each other perfectly.

In this variation of the tattoo the key is drawn on the wrist and the lock is on the drawn on the left ring finger to represent that your heart is locked and the key is in the hand of the special person.

19) Colorful Circle

Yet another beautiful design with a deep meaning. One of you (most probably man) gets the black circle and the other gets the colorful circle. It represents the fact that as soon you met your partner, your gained colors.

I've seen several variations of this concept but personally I liked this one the best.

20) Pinky Promise Tattoo

With this tattoo the couple could commemorate some kind of promise they've to each other. Simple yet sweet.

21) Anchor and Steering Wheel

This tattoo represents the fact that one of you is an anchor and the other is the wheel that leads into a life of love and happiness.

The idea is similar to the previously mentioned yin-yang concept. The anchor represents stability and commitment whilst the steering wheel represents clear head.

22) Pixel Heart Tattoo

Everything is becoming digital nowadays. If you are gamers at heart or met each other online, you can commemorate your love by getting pixelated heart tattoo.

It looks nice and modern. Yeah, it's ironic that it looks modern since pixelated graphics are so outdated but it is part of the digital culture and practicaly represents it.

23) Sun and Moon Couples Tattoo

You are her Sun and she is your Moon. Sun and Moon have been part of mythological stories in almost every culture. And in most of them Sun and Moon are in a love story.

Sun and Moon are opposites and could express your relationship perfectly.

24) Arrow and Heart Tattoo

Probably no other imagery describes more clearly and perfectly that a person is in love than the image of a heart pierced by an arrow.

That image originally came from Greek and Roman mythology where Cupid, the god of desire and erotic love, could shoot an arrow and the person who was shot by it would be filled with uncontrollable desire. Later he became an icon of romantic love.

Anyways, this tattoo idea was inspired by the idea of being in love. The arrow and heart is split between partners. One of you gets the arrow, the other - the heart.

You should not make this tattoo too big. It has a perfect allegorical meaning.

25) Heartbeat

If you want nice and clean tattoo, you should consider this one. It pictures a diagram of a pulse which creates the heart image in the middle.

In medicine pulse represents a person's heartbeat. It is a known fact that when you are around someone whom you're attracted to, your heartbeat usually quickens.

This tattoo plays around the idea that whether a person is in love can be observed by measuring pulse.

26) Mickey and Minnie

Do you love Mickey Mouse? Who can blame you, Mickey Mouse has become an iconic Disney character so much so that it became the company's mascot.

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse are an iconic couple. They're both stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Anyway, this tattoo design should become a great inspiration for anyone who loves Mickey and Minnie.

27) Roman Numerals

Roman numerals' typography looks just nice mostly because they are easy to read. With this tattoo idea you can put in roman numerics the date you met each other or any other special date you both share.

I think this is a sexy and private way of epxressing your love to each other.

28) Origami Birds

Origami tattoos have a lovely appearance and rich symbolism. Origamis have so much history. For example, in Japan, after the Second World War, they've become a symbol of peace and hope.

For those who are of a peaceful and calm nature, origami bird tattoos are a great way to show it. It has an unusual and original design. If you want to spice it up a little, you can also add some colors.

29) Infinity Heart Tattoo

This is another variation of the heart tattoo idea but the design is unique. The heart symbole is twisted a little to also represent the infinity symbol.

Without a doubt, matching heart tattoos are a great way for you to express love for one another. This variations adds a unique touch and additional symbolism. It is a way of saying, "I will love you forever."

30) Infinity Arrow

This tattoo design is also playing on the idea of infinity. The arrow represents Cupid's arrow and it swirls around forming the infinity symbol. The arrow also connects the initials of two lovers.

I feel kind of ify about puting initials in the tattoo but at least it's not obtrusive.

31) Diamonds Tattoo

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

At least that's what Marilyn Monroe used to sing. Well, diamonds have become a symbol of devotion and commitment.

This tattoo design plays around that idea. You can put matching diamond tattoos on your ring fingers to symbolize your commitment and love to one another.

32) Knots on the Pinky

For a long time tying a knot on your finger represented something you didn't want to forget. With this tattoo design a couple can symbolize the love they never want to forget.

33) Lion and Lioness

Lions always represented royalty and kingliness. If your love is fit for royalty, then this tattoo design idea is perfect for you.

In most cultures lions symbolized courage and fierceness. A lot of political and historical figures were dubbed as "the lion" for their bravery.

If you don't want to get a huge tattoo like in the pictures above and want instead something inconspicuous, then you can something smaller like in the images below.

In these examples, the lion and lioness tattoos are put on the ring fingers to represent commitment to one another. And the tattoo itself represents your royal love.

34) Swallow Lovebirds

Swallows are known for building cozy nests and being monogamous. This tattoo design represents the fact that the couple devoted to each other.

The birds in the tattoo have branches in their beaks which they are going to use to build their nests. It represents the fact that the couple is building their lovenest.

It is a nice tattoo idea for a couple which just started their lives together.

35) Jack Skellington and Sally

Credit: @bespoketattoos

Like I've mentioned before, tattoo can be about your shared passion and interests. Just don't get something which other people think cool or something which is trending right now.

But if you love The Nightmare Before Christmas, then this is the perfect design.

36) Sun and Earth Tattoo

This is a design that completes one another and depicts Earth revolving around Sun.

It symbolises that you depend on each other to survive. Cool tattoo idea for couples who are into astronomy.

37) Together - Forever

A very simple tattoo. You just get "Together Forever" as a tattoo. One of you is going to wear "Together" word and the other - "Forever." And you hold hands it form a short sentence which read "Together forever."

38) Complimentary Arrow

A complimentary tattoo is a great design for couples. This design depicts a simple arrow on the ring fingers. When the couple touches each other's fingers it connects the arrows. A very subtle and simple tattoo with great symbolism and meaning.

39) Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Bow and arrow are items that work only together. One is nothing without the other. This couple's tattoo design plays on that idea by splitting bow and arrow.

One of you is going to get the bow, the other - the arrow. The design symbolises that you are complete only when you are together.

40) XO Couple's Tattoo

People usually use XO to describe love and happiness. Also, whenever people see the XO, they usually think of hugs and kisses.

A very brief history of XO. No one knows exactly when people started using this symbol to express hugs and kisses. The X in the symbol means kisses. In its earliest uses, the X used to symbolize Christ and only later evolved to express the kiss. The second letter in the symbol is O. It symbolizes hugs.

This design is very simple and inconspicuous which is always a very good thing. One thing is for sure, you won't regret this tattoo since you can easily cover it.

As it is the case with most couple's tattoos, you split the symbol between partners. One of you will be wearing the X and the other - O.

41) Song Notes Couple's Tattoo

If you have a special song which is close to your hearts and want to commemorate it, then you could get a tattoo with the notes of that song.

You don't need to put the entire song into your tattoo but you can split favorites of the song's notes. The best place to put this tattoo is on your wrists.

42) Matching Rose Tattoos For Couples

In ancient Greece rose used to be associated with the goddess of love Aphrodite. Late it started being associated with the Virgin Mary.

In modern times roses can symbolize love, trust, and happiness. So, a couple of roses is a safe choice for couples looking for a tattoo idea.

There are smaller and more subtle variations of this concept like in the pictures below.

As you can see, smaller designs will look as effectively beautiful as half-sleeve or just bigger roses. Speaking of half-sleeve tattoos, if you are interested in those, you can check half-sleeve tatoo ideas here.

Ideal Placement of Couple's Tattoos

First of all, you need to keep in mind that couple's tattoos tend to be incomplete or complementary.  That's why you need to discuss with your partner where you want to place the tattoos. In other words, you need to make sure that the tattoos will be complete when the two of you are together.

Smaller tattoos should be placed on smaller ares such as wrists, fingers, or ankle. Usually the best place to put your tattoos is your hands because it can create the perfect synergy whenever you hold hands.

Preparation Tips

Getting your skin prepared for the tattoo is very important and can make a huge impact on how your skin heals aftewards.

Make sure you have no sunburn or any other damages on your skin. You should also avoid getting a tattoo if your skin has cuts, redness, scabbs, rash, or bad acne case.

You should also find a good tattoo artist whom you can trust. Read their online review. Ask them to show their portfolio. Remember the last thing you want is getting a permanent tattoo from an inexperienced and bad tattoo artist.

After getting a tattoo, you should avoid sun for a while. Consult your tattoo artist how to maintain it.


Love is an incredible feeling. This feeling is responsible for a lot of art, music, and a lot of other incredible things.

That being said, you should get a couple's tattoo only if you've been together with your loved one for a while and absolutely sure you are both on the same page. A tattoo is for life, you know and if you are both getting matching tattoos, you have responsibility to each other to stay commited and faithful.

When choosing a couple's tattoo as is the case with any other tattoo, I strongly recommend getting a tattoo which matches personality and worldview. In the case with couple's tattoos, the tattoo should also match your partners personality.