The majority of men love wearing black outfits and it is a good thing because it is comparably easier to combine black with other colors.

Black is unquestionably a fall-back color when you cannot find anything else to buy. It is safe to wear black on any occasion and will look stylish and sharp.

Black Plus Neutrals

When people think about wearing black with another color, they usually think of combining black with white. This is, without a doubt, a strong and often striking combination.

If you want to dip into black and white, try subtle patterned black and white shoes or belt or a silver and white accessory with an all-black outfit. Be careful with going all-black though. You should try to combine all-black with accessories like bracelets, rings, and pendants because otherwise you risk looking too bland.

You can also try going beyond white and black. It is pretty safe to combine black with other contrasting colors. As long as you combine 2 colors at maximum, you are safe.

Rock & Roll Style

Rock & roll and all-black are basically synonyms. If you want to pick this style, you definitely need a lot of jewelry accessories. Think of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and even earring (if that's your thing.)

When putting on jewelry, follow two rules: 1. More is definitely less. Get as much but don't overdo; 2. Jewelry and other accessories should be of only two colors, black and silver.

If you want to rock & roll, avoid snickers like a disease. Instead, get good leather shoes. Pick shoes which compliment your belt.

Speaking of belts, don't forget about iconic studded belts.

Casual Looks

When putting together casual looks, remember that you need to pull of that cool, easy swagger without veering into looking sloppy or disheveled.

Avoid over-sized t-shirts. Your goal here is to is to look sleek and polished but relaxed and ready for anything. Go for a nice fitted tee in an upscale fabric.

You can pick a t-shirt with either crew neck or v-neck. It is a matter of choice. You also need a slim fitting pair of black jeans and a nice, sleek shoe. You're good to go!

Professional Looks

Whether it's a traditional 2-piece suit or a more relaxed yet still professional look, you want to aim for a powerful and authoritative air.

Too look more serious, you need to make sure your suit is perfectly tailored to your body.

Last Words

Black is a color too often downplayed. Treat it with respect and it will reward you with incredible style.